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Baseball B.C offers National, Provincial or Associate Membership and as either, your association is entitled to access all the programs and services offered by Baseball BC with no additional charge or requirements to consider.  Membership includes valued insurance coverage and Baseball BC is pleased to offer progressive coverage meeting your evolving needs.

Information on the programs and services offered by Baseball BC are available on our webpage at

Baseball BC is a Member of Baseball Canada.  Therefor, Baseball BC members are also affiliated with Baseball Canada & are approved the opportunity to compete at National & Western Championships.  We hope you will take advantage of these privileges and its design to ensure an enjoyable & risk-free season.

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Associate Membership: as the policy applies, all players and coaches participating in this baseball partnership will be assessed a $5.00 Membership fee with free coverage for excecitive & volunteers for their services.  Please note that Membership & the Insurance Policy commences April 01st and concludes March 31st every year, and therefore, a new application & registration sheet for Associate affiliation (see bottom of page) must be submitted for each season. To avoid challenges or denial to claims, benifits, etc, accurate registration data for all member participants must be provided by the partnering association before baseball activities begin and consequently before any claim can be accepted. 

BC Minor Opportunities: call Baseball BC for more information on how your needs & insurance comfort can be met, including Directors & Officers Liability...

Travel Insurance is an optional benifit for Members of Baseball BC; affiliated teams playing games outside the country may apply for this medical coverage.  The cost is $3 per player per day outside of Canada.  Team Application form is below along with the member information sheet required for travelling participants. To be approved & avoid challenges or denial to claims, benifits, etc, application & member data for each travelling participant must be provided by the partnering team(s) before leaving the country.

* Members wishing to make a claim need to send a brief e-mail,  within a paragraph or so, to expaining the injury, including the members name, team, when & where the injury occured, and in simplist terms, the cause of & injury itself...   Baseball BC will verify the member by returning the e-mail with a Accident Claim Form which can then be sent to SBC Insurance directly...

E-mail Associate Member or Travel Application form & Participant Member Information excel sheet (links found below) to, then send Membership or Travel payment cheque to the Baseball BC office or contact Scott MacKenzie (604-586-3315) for more information...

Please note that strict confidentiality and policies will be in affect with all submitted member information.

Application Forms & Member Information

Click here for Associate Membership Application Form in Word

Click here for Associate Membership Application Form in PDF

Click here for Travel Insurance Form in Word

Click here for Travel Insurance Form in PDF

Please submit member information using the following Excel format


Please Note: Should you wish equipment coverage, please call SBC Insurance directly at.

SBC Insurance Agencies Ltd.
#250 - 999 Canada Place
Vancouver, B.C.
V6C 3C1
Phone: (604) 737-3451


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Government of BC

The BC Amateur Baseball Association acknowledges the financial assistance of the Province of British Columbia

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DQ Rally Cap Program

The DQ® Rally Cap Program is an entry level program designed to introduce children to the game of baseball, keeping them active and engaged, while learning the skills of the game in a fun, safe and informative atmosphere.

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WINTERBALL is a school-based baseball curriculum for students between the Grades of 3 and 6. This program is completely turn-key in approach and can be administered to P.E. classes immediately.


Summer Camps

Baseball BC is excited to partner with Douglas College for a consecutive summer and to again present and offer another year of Baseball BC Youth (Age 7-13) Summer Camps to the Lower Mainland.


Member Benefits

Baseball B.C., through all our affiliates, are committed & energized to provide the best services possible to our members. Our continued focus toward on-field development is echoed through our commitment of excellence to all our members. We have compiled this information to highlight the programs and services we offer and the overall benefits of being a Member of Baseball B.C.


Find a League/Team


Erase Bullying


Athlete Assistance Program

Baseball BC is accepting applications for the B.C. Athlete Assistance Program.

Please review the information and if you consider yourself a candidate please submit your application forms to Baseball BC by March 15th.


Free Association Promotional Posters

Baseball BC is pleased to offer Associations 20 full colour customized posters FOR FREE.

These posters are a great way to promote the game and your Association's/league's registration. We will print your Association name and contact info at the bottom of your posters.


Long Term Athlete Development

Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) is a systemic approach being developed and adopted by Baseball Canada to maximize a participant's potential and involvement in our sport.